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Sheldon Johnson
Mailing Address:
Sheldon Johnson #99A3011
Auburn Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 618
Auburn, NY 13021


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I hope that this intro finds you in the very best of health and spirits. My friends and associates call me Superb. I am a 39 year old Taurean, born May 6, 1975, of Sicilian, Nigerian, Boriqua and Native American ethnicity (last of a dying breed).

I stand 6'2", 190 lbs., and stare at the world through dark brown eyes. I am smoke, disease and drug free. I sport a Caesar haircut with waves and a scar extends from my temple to my chin. An unfortunate casualty of life's trials and tribulations.

A humanitarian by nature, I love and live to write poetry, short stories, legalese, essays. It is my passion. I am incarcerated for Armed Robbery and Attempted Murder. I received a disproportionate sentence because I refused to cooperate and inaccurate sentencing information from my lawyer. However, I work in the prison's law library as a                                                      paralegal clerk - pursuing all available appeals and options.

Currently, I facilitate the Youth Assistance Program, where I and a few others talk to youth at risk. Additionally, I am pursuing my Bachelor's Degree and perform in the Shakespeare Theater program with volunteers from Vermont College. I enjoy practicing mixed martial arts, speak fluent sign language and learning am presently learning Spanish.

I am looking for genuine friends. Hopefully, whoever you are, wherever you are, no matter your race, lifestyle or belief, you'll grant me the opportunity to be an asset, a pillar, to show you a different portrait other than the one society has painted me to be. To have been a criminal is not a disgrace, but to remain a criminal is disgraceful. I look forward to building infinite, fruitful and productive friendships.

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