James Johnson 45


James Johnson
Mailing Address:
James Johnson #B20292
Pontiac Correctional Center
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764

I'm the father of 3 grown kids. And, believe it or not, I'll have 6 grandchildren by the end of July. I have a lot of love to share and I'm seeking a special friend to share it with. I've been imprisoned, fighting for my freedom, since 1994. I still have Faith that the God that I know wouldn't allow an innocent person to live through these conditions without purpose. So, my spirits are still very high. My mind is strong, Heart able to give & receive joy. And, I'm hoping to make a special connection with a kind person; A woman with an inner beauty. I have a lot to offer -- All I want in return is what I give: Friendship, knowledge & love, if it grows into that. I'm blessed to have a wonderful and supportive family, so I'm not looking for money or material gifts of any kind!

On June 25, 2014 I'll be 41. I still feel 25. There's a lot of life left to live. I'd like to enjoy it as much as possible. What better way than learning of and learning from a beautiful woman? Getting to know a special person. And, allowing                                                          them to know me. I hope to hear from you soon.


                                                                James Johnson

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