Cedric Johnson 51


Cedric  Johnson
Mailing Address:
Cedric Johnson #K61104
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974

My name is Cedric I am 48 years old. I'm on CA Death Row. I am being criminally and unlawfully held here. I've been here since "98".
"I" have been trying to address the crime(s) perpetrated against me since court. Now I have stated trying to use other channels, such as addressing documents to the major news organizations to air my charges. (ie., Night Line, 20/20, Date Line, 60 Minutes and Chicago Tribune.)

I would like the assistance of individuals who are intelligent, loyal, dedicated, trustworthy and sincere to help me in my endeavor to expose the intentional crimes, sham and miscarriage of justice that was perpetrated against me under the color of law. I absolutely maintain my innocence. I am innocent!

Cedric Johnson

P.S. I also sent a rebuttal document to the LA Times. Due in part, to part of an article times did with the attorney who is up to his neck in the crime(s) perpetrated against me and who intentionally dumped me on death row.

Also, I have written the U.S. Senators and the [EX] U. S. Attorney General "J.A."
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