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Bryant Johnson
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Bryant Johnson #1189279
NCC A-128
FCC Coleman Low
PO Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922

         Hello To All!!!
My name is Bryant Johnson and my sole reason for doing this ad is to look for a friendship that can grow into companionship. Also, hopefully become someone you can think of as a friend. I'm hoping you're the type of person who can look past the distance that separates us. And, if you can do that, then I'll know I've found in you someone who has the maturity, time and patience that it takes to build a strong, meaningful and hopefully lasting friendship. I'm not the type to play games with people's feelings. I'm very loyal and I believe in communicating honestly. So, when it comes to my feelings, I never lie because the truth will serve me better. So, you would never have to read between the lines with me.

I've always been the type of person who is open to learning or trying new things and as well, to learn about different cultures, genres and ways of life. With that said, I would also say I don't have any physical requirements; just your own personality and honesty. I try to stay away from all B. S., so if you're with it, please don't contact me.

I consider myself to be a down to earth individual that appreciates music, movies and living life, but in my current situation I can only appreciate these things through the ones that choose to write. And, know that small things such                                                     as pictures and cards could be the thing that puts a smile on my face. So, if my words moved you in any way, feel                                                        free to drop me a couple of lines.
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