TO ALL MY COOL, NEW, FRIENDLY PEOPLES.

     The prison in which I reside has a lot of rules and not all of them make a whole lot of sense.  So, I've decided to be all kinds of helpful and post these, what I call STUPID, BACKWARD, PRISON RULES THAT MAKE NO SENSE. ( But, we all still gotta live by 'em!)

1.)    You can send me as much mail as you want ( and I won't complain, either.)  But, each individual envelope must not weigh more than one ounce.  That's the weight a single 1st class stamp can carry.  To be extra special helpful, one ounce is usually about 10 sheets of notebook paper, or 5 sheets of typing paper.  A standard 4 X 6 photo will count for 2 sheets of notebook paper or 1 sheet of typing paper.  If you want to send long lettersyou have to split it into multiple one ounce envelopes!  If you do send multiple envelopes, please number them...so I'll know when I've received them all.

2.)  Likewise, you can send as many photos as you want.  However, only 5 photos per envelope.  You can send multiple envelopes of 5 photos each and that's allowed, but the mailroom personnel will have a coronary if you send me an envelope with 6 photos!  heh, heh, hel.....You do have the option of printing your photos on paper.  There is no limit to the number of photos you can print on paper, so long as you don't violate the one ounce rule described in the # 1 above.  When you send photos, please take note of the following ( Stupid!) restrictions:

     a.  Nude, semi-nude photos, lingerie or swimwear are not allowed, ( though I'm flattered you'd want to!  :) 

     b.  You cannot send pictures of any kind of drugs.

     c.  No gang symbols ( so to all my crime homies, chill throwing up the set, yo!).      

     d.  No pictures of prison facilities ( including blueprints and getaway routes!).

3.)  If you wish to make donations, monetary donations can only be sent as Money Orders or wired at http://www.jpay.com ;  books/magazines can be donated but check out my Donation page for special rules. 

4.)  Finally, if you're looking for a friend, you've got one.  If you're looking for something more, that's an option, too.  No matter what, you're going to get abject, unadulterated honesty from me and I'm not a monster.  If you must find a label for me, " friend" sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

     Hope to hear from you soon!























Note: .  I am grateful for anything donated to me and I thank you for your time and generosity. K.H.



The prison I am in only allows me to possess 13 books and 12 magazine, (which bites...big time)....However, if you wish to donate to me, the prison requires that I require prior approval before I am allowed to receive anything from services outside the facility.  You cannot mail  me "Care Packages" but you can mail any donations to the address below.  All Star Computer Services is a business I have worked with for many years.  They have agreed to accept donated materials and follow through on the necessary paperwork and required procedures.  This will ensure that I am able to receive the donations you were so kind to bless me with. 


All Star Computer Services
Donations for Kyle Hulbert
13123 Jefferson Davis Highway
Woodford, VA 22580

Alternatively, instead of paying retail for books and magazines, I am allowed to receive printouts of books and magazines through the mail  (remember the mail rules I posted!).  You can find almost anything you'd like as an electronic file that you can download for free.  It would save a lot of money.

1.  Heavy Metal back issues

2.  H. P. Lovecraft ( any!)

3.  I like graphic novels. Anything you think I'll like, go for it. Hellraiser, any adaptation of Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft ( especially    Lovecraft!), Brian Lumley, etc., or similar works are right up my alley.

4.  " Dead Moon" and Dead Moon vol. II"  by:  Louis Rayo ( Gorgeous book!)

5.   Sandman" series by Neil Griman

6.   Tattoo Magazines

7.   I like graphic novels;  Marga and graphic arts in general.  You can't go wrong with good books with great art.  I'm easy to please.

p.s.  I do not need prior approval to receive subscriptions for magazines, so feel free to sign me up for anything you think I'd like - Heavy Metal, any kind of Tattoo magazines, Marga magazines, Juxtapose, anything interesting.  


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