Why Can't We Be Good  by:  Jacob Needleman

The Elegant Universe  By:  Brian Greene

Quantum Feild Theory Demystified  by:  David Mc Mahon

Poor People  by:  William T. Vollman

The Seeking Self  by:  Richard G. Lind

The Watercooler Effect  by:  Nicholes Difonzo

Guilt  by:  Kalu Singh

The Way of Hermes  by:  Clement Salaman, et. al,

Common Sense About Uncommon Wisdom  by:  Dhru S. Kaji

Finding The Hidden Self  by:  Roger Worthington

Stoic Warriors  by:  Nancy Sherman

Forensics Demystified  by:  Barry Fisher, et. al.

The Spiritual Brain  by:  M. Beauregard & D. O' Leary

Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries by:  Jonathan Eisen

The Little Money Book  by:  David Boyle

The Mind and The Brain  by: J.M. Schwartz & S. Begley

10 Days to Faster Reading by:  Princeton Language Institution & A.M. Beale

Timbuktu  by:  M. de Villiers & S. Hirtle

The Sociopath Next Door  by:  Martha Stout

Discovery of Rosetta  by:  Jonathan Downs


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