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Lonnie Hood E 89764
Salinas Valley State Prison
B3-205 U
PO Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960






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Hello Gorgeous,

     Please read me, feel me and embrace me as if we are one.  I am a young man, in deep need of a soul mate to complete my destiny here.  I am a very caring, passionate, loving, gentle, sensitive, attentive man; who enjoys intimate talks, listening to "you", laughing, nurturing, reading, quality time, walks, beautiful family evenings, divine romance;  are all essential to my life.  I've made mistakes, matured, grown;  I desire growth, a change on all aspects.

     I am not perfect, I've endured so much, I'm tired, "alone" and lonely.  I seek one who craves what I crave, who appreciates enjoying simplicity, true blessings in life and me.  Ask "only" that you be yourself, no fronts, no games, be honest, sincere, caring and loyal.  Know yourself and please take the time to know me , to see if we can establish something so divinely heavenly as we explore the deepest depths of our minds as I massage your soul, caress your spirit, be there for you, should you decide to give me a chance.

     Well, for your curiosity, my name is Lonnie Hood, bedroom brown eyes, sexy bald, romantic with a touch of intelligence and mental pleasure.  I love to make love to my female associate's mind, for it pleases me to please her.  I am 38, 5'9", 235 lbs., Fresno, California born, some time to serve, but an abundance to offer and indeed give.

     If you should respond, I will be blessed, thankful, very grateful and I will never, ever abuse your trust...

     Feel me, touch me, relate and speak to me....Female or male may respond......

                            Lonnie Hood     


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