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Jason Hockley
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Jason Hockley #F97434
PVSP D2-238 Up
Pleasant Valley SP
PO Box 8500
Coalinga, CA 93210
Hi!  My name is Jason, but all of my friends call me " Jay".  I'm 26 years old and my birthday is on May 2nd.  I stand 6 ft tall, 217 pounds, with a muscular body build.  I have brown eyes, with a shaved head, ( which is new to me, but it's low maintenance) ( LOL )

I'm a welder by trade.  I have multiple tattoos, all of which can be covered with a long sleeve shirts.  I love my body art...it tells my life story.  I'm from Compton, California and I've been incarcerated since February 2007.

I would love nothing more than to meet someone loving with an uplifting personality.  Or, a person who something good to share and is easy going, l like myself.  I'm attracted to a strong, beautiful woman who's personable. ( LOL)  One who would allow me to know her and love her for who she is.

I believe friendship is the foundation to any strong relationship and I hope that's what ours will be built on.  My long term goal is love and happiness.  I feel I will eventually find my forever!  A woman who would love nothing more than to be the essence of my affections.  A woman who isn't afraid to be loved, or afraid to share her inner most secrets with my sincere ear.

There's nothing like receiving a letter from that special someone.  It could turn your worst week into the very best, while giving you a reason to smile.  I've been searching for my forever (my best friend) and I hope it's you.  Don't be afraid to take the initial step in writing:  Your " " could answer.

With Love and Respect


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