Saul Herrera 38


Saul Herrera
Mailing Address:
Saul Herrera #53826
Southern Desert Correctional Center
P.O. Box 208
Indian Springs, NV 89070-
First, let me extend my strengths and respects to you.

           Hi! What's up? It's me....Saul AKA "Trippy".
The reason I am on this site, is to get to know someone different to the situation I'm in; The environment I've lived in for so long. A person who can bring a little understanding on how the world is outside.. beyond these walls.
I am a loyal, open and honest person that has nothing to hide. I like to make people laugh. I enjoy people that have a sense of humor.
I am a passionate and determined person, that also relates to my Familia and the few friends I have. I would hope to meet and share our thoughts, opinions, ambitions, that we have about life.People, outside these walls, for the most part assume and think certain things about me, because of the years I've been locked up.
Even though I find reading a little boring, I have read hundreds of books about different cultures, politics, history, great people in the past and present.
I enjoy boxing and MMA cage fighting but it is rare when they show fights in here.I believe it is never to late for anything; Just have the courage to at least try.
I try to stay up on civil rights, new laws, government and political awareness.
                                                I consider myself to be open minded, appreciative and driven and I try to learn every day. I would like to learn about someone out there; a stranger.
I have goals, plans,dreams that I'm determined to reach or at least I'm going to try to make it happen.
I love meeting new people.
Each person gives something new into my life,that I didn't have before; something bad, something sad or something good.
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