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Ruben Hernandez
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Hello You!...It's about time you found me, I can now see the light...wait!  or is this a shining star, lighting up my day?  Well, I'm glad you decided to go sight seeing today.  Cause they say I'm the freshest catch.  haha....No, I'm playing....It's always good to meet someone new.  It can get lonely in a lil box like this.  So, that's the reason for posting an add.  In hopes to correspond with someone who is willing to look past the pictures.

I mean, I do work out and am very athletic.  So, all I want to know is when the next Bay Watch casting call is?

Well, real quick, I'm a follower of Jesus, not a half stepper;  True to Him.  See, I even put Him before myself.  My name is Ruben....31 years...172 lbs, 5'8", from M.T.B.  No longer into gangs, but still maintain my style.  Gee'd up huh?...or is my Mama lying?

Well, a lil of what I'm looking for.  A strong minded, open  minded girl with strong values & goals;  someone with patience, cause I'm lacking social abilities.  I'm looking for a girl, who is willing to open up and just be you.  So, if that's you and is willing to learn more about this dude, go ahead and write me...or call me....MAYBE !!! hahah...God Bless you and your fam....Peace be with you 24/7


Ruben Joe Hernandez

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