There are so many pathways on
this earth;
Some lead to the mountains -
Some lead to the sea;
Some are quite expensive -
Some are totally free;
There are many paths on this
This I'm sure you can see -
But the only pathway I hope you
Is the pathway which leads you
straight to me,

Whom ever you may be*
I remain patiently waiting for your letter



Right now, things to me look bad,
And life has little taste;
And at times I'm lonly and sad and
wonder is it all a waste.

But I'm to strong to be pulled under
by despair;
Just because life is unfair.

The future is all of our's to mold;
So I set my mind, because one day
I'll find her, this women, this
Diamond wrapped in GOLD

p.s. I remain patiently waiting for your letter *
whomever you may be

Last night I had a dream, it left a tale
to tell.
I dreamed I saw my angel, poor thing
he wasn't well...
His body bruised and battered, his wings
ripped and torn.
This angel could hardly walk, he looked so
tired and worn...
I walked up to him and asked, "Angel" how
can this be.
His eye's focused in, and he spoke these
words to me...
Being your guardian Angel has been a
great task as you can see.
Look what it has done to me...
These bruises are from shielding you in
times both dire and ill.
The dangerous battles you survived, I've
often paid the bill...
My wings are ripped and torn, a noble badge
I wear.
How often they have flown you from
evils unaware...
Each mark is it's own story, of deadly wounds
Anthony you've made me wish more than
once, that I was unemployed...
right then I promised my angel that
I will change, and to let me stand alone.
He smiled, patted my shoulder, and said
I'll never leave you on your own.
He disappeared, but laying at my feet was
a battered sword and shield.
I picked them up, and with sword in hand
and shield on arm, I promised to forever
let him heal...

              TO BE CONTINUED


















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