Steven Hamilton 42


Steven Hamilton
Mailing Address:
Steven Hamilton #644936
Jester III Unit
3 Jester Road
Richmond, TX 77406
Pumpkin! Look at me Pumpkin! Does the Pumpkin not insist that you write to me? I know that I should write this long, heartfelt introduction, wherein I convince you to correspond with me, due to my honest and sincerity. But, I tried that on another pen pal site and got zero response. ( Maybe this was because the profile photo had no pumpkin to attest to my good character:?) Indeed, I hope you will write - but not just due to the Pumpkin and my marginal handsomeness. I would rather you write so you can experience the great intellectual discourse, which we will share. Or, maybe so you can relish my dry humor and elusive wittiness? Or, perhaps you just agree that I am indeed, marginally handsome? Or, that you need a Pumpkin in your life? Well, I may not be able to transcend the pumpkin, but good conversation, inappropriate humor and my excessive curiosity are all included in the deal when you write to me. In return I ask for you to take the time to let us learn about each other and share what we can of each other's lives.
I hope to correspond with an affectionate, intelligent, fun - loving woman that wants sincere companionship and understanding; things I have the audacity to believe I can offer. I realize that it's difficult for you to know if a convict is worth your time and friendship. I just hope you will write and give me a chance.

My interests include books, music, movies, writing, physical - fitness, Kustom Kulture, ink, artwork and much more. Prison limits what I can keep up with and I've been gone for a while, but I'm curious about and open to your life and interests. I want to say more but am out of space, so please write....

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