Anna Gutierrez 48


Anna Gutierrez
Mailing Address:
Anna Gutierrez #1517995
Murray Unit
1916 North Hwy 36 Bypass
Gatesville, TX 76596

I'm looking for a kind, loving and compassionate person. I want a friendship that can develop into a relationship. I am part Cuban and part Mexican. I love to cook all types of food and am very romantic. I love outdoor activities like camping, fishing and boating, etc.

I believe in making the best of my situation. I utilize my time here so I can make it honorable. I go to school to better myself. I learn from my mistakes and I move forward. I need someone who will not judge me. Just someone who is ready to grow with me.

Growth to me, means change and change involves risk. Stepping from the known to the unknown. Write me... if you are ready for change...

Anna Mercedes Gutierrez
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