Clifton Goring 35


Clifton  Goring
Mailing Address:
Clifton Goring #02A2252
Five Points Correctional Facility
PO Box 119
Romulus, NY 14541

"What's up beautiful?"


"Hello! I'm a single, Black/Hispanic, God fearing, mature man seeking friendship. I believe felicity is what we need throughout life to assist us in staying above water, which is why I tell jokes. After all, laughter is food to                                                      the soul. And healthy for the heart, like me....wink....


I am smart, funny, compassionate, loyal, honest, faithful, considerate and affable.I am an aspiring singer/song writer/poet...I love singing most; my peers call me R&B. When I sing I take their minds to a happy zone, so I sing everyday....I'm more that willing to serenade you if you'd like? Come on, don't be shy, I won't mind singing to my friend...


I hope to build a strong bond, giving while accepting positive advice and encouragement when needed....I see myself as a good listener; to thebest of my ability, I'll be here for you...


Born, 6/19/82, " Gemini Baby" standing at six feet, weight 232, in great physical shape, with sexy brown eyes and a relaxed personality....After reading my bio, I hope you'll give me a chance at your friendship...I have a big heart with so much to share...Fell free to drop me a few lines...Heck, I wouldn't mind receiving a whole note pad filled with your pleasant thoughts...


I can receive pictures, but no Polaroid's. Let's exchange photos?Remember....Chances....Waiting for you....Clifton Goring/ "R & B"                                               


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