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Adam Gonzales # 1503664
Telford Unit
3899 State Hwy 98
New Boston, TX 75570









Unit:  Bill Clements

Born:  Holland, MI

Lived:  Houston, Austin, Arkansas

Children:  2 1/2 kids

Wife:  I don't know.  She stepped to the side. 

Name:   Adam Jay Gonzales # 1503664

Age:      33

Race:     Hispanic

Tattoos:  Yes – 25 % of my body

Hair:      Black, but bald head now

Eyes:      Brown

Favorite color:  Blue, Red, Pink

DOB       9-20-78

Crime:     Aggravated: My case is being worked on.




      Type of person I am:

     I'm a blunt person.  I'm not a lazy person, I'm a hard worker.  I have good job skills.  I'm not a picky person, as long as we both like it, I'm good.  I like thick females and Potec females.  You see I have a heart of silver.  I enjoy making people laugh.  People enjoy hanging out with me, because I don't like judging anyone.  I'll look at myself before I look at you.  As long as you have respect for yourself and you're happy with yourself, I'm cool with that.....that's cool.  I like country, Rock, R & B, some Rap, Spanish music, etc.  Hanging out with my children.  There's more, but if you would like to know....just drop me a few lines, so we can start our journey in knowing each other. My nickname is Gonzo.       



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