CellPals Membership Application

Please PRINT this page and mail to Inmate.

P.O. Box 13278
Las Cruces, NM 88013

NOTE* CellPals! only charges a one time fee for these services (excluding the PowerBall). There are no yearly renewal fees. Once on CellPals one will remain on until removal is requested.

Please Include:

1. Your biography in 300 words or less. Please type
neatly on the back of this paper or on a separate sheet.

$ 9.99 CODE 01

Please PRINT

Your ID Number:


2. A picture of yourself if you wish for one to
accompany your site.

$ 5.00 CODE 02

Your first name:


3. Would you like a copy of your site? ______
$ 5.00 CODE 03

Your last name:


4. Would you like to be featured in our online
Photo Gallery?
$5.00 CODE 04

5. Would you like additional state listings? _______
$ 5.00 for 5 state's CODE 05
(Do not include your state of incarceration)
Where? Please list below:

Your Unit Address:




6. Would you like a counter on the inmate's web page? ________
$ 5.00 CODE 06

7. Would you like to purchase a PowerBall! for the website?_________
$ 39.95 CODE 07


Power Plan- Basic Package ________
** one registration
** one picture
**one copy sent to the inmate


The Power Plan Package- Deluxe ________
**one registration
**one PowerBall
**one picture
**one gallery placement
**one artwork, extra photo, or poetry
**10 state or country placements

$ 59.95

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