Darrell John Gaul 51


Darrell Gaul
Mailing Address:
Darrell Gaul #36936
Ely State Prison
P.O. Box 1989
Nevada, AZ 89301

I'm 5'11", single, in school, with a lot of education in my background.

I'm down for a minute and should be out in the next "few years". I'm into AC/DC and The Rolling Stones, "Some Girls".

My main plan is to finish school and pursue a career in the "business market", with a couple of degrees in college. I'm studying to be an accountant right now; with a back up in business management. I also write novels and draw cards.....As soon as I regain society, I will be buying homes and remodeling them and I should have my own within a couple of months of release....

I'm looking for a girl who is interested in spending time with me, as a friend and maybe something else.....

Inside my Head

You'll know I'm losing it if gorgeous psychedellic
Sunsets start to float across the paint - chipped
walls. You'll know it's true when mutants in
White jackets whisper, "it's that time, Homie"
Right off postcards from Paris
I live among the wolves.
Locked down hard, in a cage,
like a beast.
Amid tree jumpers and sword swallowers
And smut kings.
"But what's wrong wit you?
Why you be actin' like that?"
But next time you ask those dumb ass questions
think about humiliating shakedowns and
Gay Gestapo guards counting my body
ten times a day.
Of soft ass cowards masquerading as
Tough guys, of shyster lawyers and politicians
and hitment stalking my dreams.
And I ain't had a woman in a long damn time.


I live inside my head.

The most beautiful place in the world!
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