Travis Gauff # H 77472
CSATF/State Prison at Corcoran
PO Box 5242
Corcoran, CA 93212





     Currently seeking the pen of a friend.  Someone genuine, compassionate, and capable of overlooking these dark clouds that now hover above my character.  Whom As I, loves God, cares not about the broad ways of life, but strives to be victorious in Christ - invite you to my page....

     To enlighten you a little bit of myself, at 46 years of age, weighing 178 pounds, 5'6" in stature - my disposition for life is simple.  Matt. 7:12.  And, fulfilling this I believe one can be triumphant in all relations of life.  My pastimes are:  writing poems, enjoying evenings reading, watching sunsets, the rising of new dawns and running.  When free, enjoy taking long drives, fishing, sharing quality time with family, horse back riding, walks under blue horizons and seeing someone smile.  Oh, probably shouldn't reveal this, but crazy about cats, can't resist them....

     However, my outlook for life is:  Whatever mountain you may find before you, whether you move it or stand on it drawing near to God, do it with your all.  Which generating religiously, has motivated me to - during my present predicament - to acquire my GED and at the present be three assignments away from attaining a college degree;  becoming an ordained minister.  While solely knowing, that it's what you do with your mountain, that matters.

     As an impartial man, having no discriminatory hang up for any class of people - believing if may yielded the same, the world in which you and I live would not only be a better place for you and I, but for the future generation, will vehemently say:  It is because of such ignorance that God's land continues in disarray....Thereby ask that you would hold no prejudice for this endeavor of friendship only, with no agenda for financial gain, conclude. 

    Be Blessed,



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