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Anthony Fletcher
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Anthony Fletcher #CA1706
SCI Greene
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370

My name is Anthony "Two Gunz" Fletcher. I'm 5'10", light green eyes, short brown hair and I'm a new member. My reasons for joining this website are hopefully to meet those who are interested in developing life long friendships with intelligent, caring and compassionate persons, that would share a moment of their time to brighten up my days in this gloomy environment.

Also, for those who do not recognize my name and picture, I'm the former lightweight "CHAMP" who in my prime defeated the likes of the named world champions, Ray "Boom Goom" Mancini, Jimmy Paul, Harry Arroyo, Johnny "Bump City" Bumphus. I was one of the best southpaws in the world to be picked to prepare Sugar Ray Leonard for his unanimous victory of the champion of the world Marvin Haggler.

Also, at this time I was preparing for my own championship fight within days of this unfortunate set back, which I                                                           now find myself on Death Row. I had a pretty successful boxing career and my outstanding record speaks for itself                                                       23 - 4 - 1 with 12 K.O.'s.

Here are some of the things I'm interested in and like. Music, love Jazz and R & B, especially those songs of a man expressing his love for his lady. I love reading all kinds of self help and motivational books. Also, being athletic. I love boxing (as you know), football, basketball, baseball and a little of hockey. I'm a kind hearted person, who will give my last to help someone. Also, there is much more to me, but this is only a small amount, so if you wish to know more about me please do write me back.
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