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        Derek Fleming J 94177
       406-19 L
       PO Box 3535
       Norco, CA 92860





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     All respect and appreciation for allowing me this chance to introduce myself.  My name is Derek Fleming.  I'm a 26 year old Hispanic man with good intentions and high hopes of finding a friend to write and get to know.

      I'm including a photo;  Here's a quick description:  6'0" in height, 190 lbs., hazel-brown eyes and in great shape.  I want you to know ( with all respect) that I'm not one of those guys looking for love or anything like that.  I'm just a down to earth, simple ( yet complex) man " L.O.L" .........who got caught up in that fast lifestyle and is serving some time right now.

      First and last time in prison and all thanks to the man above for my family who is behind me 100%.  I am not seeking money or a Russian wife!  haha.  Just some true friendship with someone true.  I adore life and all it has to offer.  I'm not resentful or bitter at being where I'm at.  I've  earned my G.E.D and am pursuing my AA Degree. 

     Why you should write me?  You man be asking yourself???  Well....." why not"???  (hahaha...J/k).  " Smile.............

"For one" .......I'm seeking  what you're most likely seeking, a pen pal who's straight up honest and who's interesting. 

   And for " two" ...... I believe I possess a grip of good qualities, such as confidence, a sense of humor, open mindedness and loyalty.  If I seem like someone you'd like to write .....get at me.  You've got nothing to lose, but a really good friend to gain.

         Thanks for your time. 

      Major Respect and Sincerity......Derek.   



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09-14-10 Complete, Lifetime, owes $11.00 ..rec. $39.00 stamps.  PB expires 10-14-10  Went ahead and put site online, stamps to come.

12-14-10 address correction.  





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