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Yvonne Falcon
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Yvonne Falcon #R05327
Florida Womens Reception Center
3700 NW 111th Place
Ocala, FL 34482-1479

Let me introduce you to a world you thought could never exist...mmm...untamed desires, sweet satisfaction, irresistible seduction, fantasies to reality...My name is Yvonne Falcon. Let me take you on a journey to a place where all is well....At 5'0, 132 pounds (36-28-38), I'm a shapely Puerto Rican; A young, sweet, tender love, yet mature enough to know how to love and be loved. Curvaceous...Yes! I guess you could nickname me Madame Luscious.

I'm 30 years old, (Date of Birth 5-16-80), brown china eyes to mesmerize the chosen one, full lips to kiss the prince and a personality that will capture you instantly. Can you handle being loved by a good woman? I would like to think that you are capable of over - looking the porcelain doll beauty and are interested enough to notice what lies deep within. Loyalty, sassy, honest, trustworthy, sexy, caring, kind heart, adventurous, pure, romantic and the list of positive qualities go on. These qualities are what I am looking for in ( my idea) of a good man. Age does not define these qualities, yet a good man has usually found himself after the age 30.

Are you afraid to explore? Is it easy for you to love? For once, I want you to relax and let someone love you for a change. Let someone show you how it feels to be wanted, appreciated and loved unconditionally. let me be that "Someone". Can you do that? If you are interested in exploring a world where only you & I exist, then                                                              don't be afraid to write me. I promise - you won't regret taking a journey in my world!!!


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