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Jarred Evans
Mailing Address:
Jarred Evans #07933
U.S.P. Lee
P.O. Box 305
Jonesville, VA 24263
Hello there...I was wondering when you were going to finally click on my page. I've been waiting for you. Well, let's set to it...

Hi! My name is Jarred, I am from Illinois. I am 30 years young. I am locked up on drugs charges and I have about 6 years left.

Since I've been locked up, I've been using my time very wisely. I workout a lot. I am 210 lbs., of solid muscle. I study a lot of everything and I have many trades now. Most revolve around business, taxes, worldwide banking, investing, and ect. I have been learning Spanish and everything else I can get my hands on. The harder, the better! I really like history too. I am a bookworm. That's how I do my time.

I am very focused, easy going, a good listener and always smile. I am looking for friendship. Friendship is all I need. I have my own money to write or whatever. It's the little things that mean a lot. When you're in a place like this, letters, pictures and friendship really mean a lot. Pretty much someone being there to talk to, to be there for you. It makes you feel good.

I've been locked up for 7 years now and I am a changed man. I just want to talk to real people. Anything to get me out of this place, even if it's only for a second. I love to write and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
*** Seeks Correspondence With: Female Only ***

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