Thomas Dixon 48


Thomas Dixon
Mailing Address:
Thomas Dixon #0109246
Pamlico Correctional Institution
601 North Third Street
Bayboro, NC 28515

My name is Thomas but people call me Tommy. I am a Gay, White Male, blue eyes, 175 lbs., and 5'10" in height.
I am college educated and currently enrolled in advanced computer classes - Computer Programming, Web Design, etc. I just completed Database, Power Point, Microsoft Word, Excel and other college credits through Pamlico community College. I will start a different curriculum, come August and will be taking Dental Lab training.

I am outgoing, honest, considerate, optimistic.... an extroverted male. I look for a bright future, outside of prison, and hopefully with someone special.

I enjoy reading, writing, outdoor sports, swimming, skiing, traveling, dancing, the coast and much more.

I am working on my own autobiography and hope to one day have a book published.

My goal is to become a successful author. I would like to start some Paralegal courses, through mail correspondence, but don't know how that will progress. Also, I have some good ideas on starting my own business.

I will get out of prison on May 2nd, 2014, due to a retrial in court. Originally, it was June, 2016. Eleven more months and I'm done. I am allowed phone calls and visits. But, first.....write me and get to know me and lets be friends!

Make sure you use my inmate number on outer envelope, otherwise your letter will be returned to you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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