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James Dixon
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James Dixon #G13857
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974
Hello!  My name is James. I'm a newly condemned inmate, here at California's Death Row. I'm extremely new at this, so please bear with me. If I fall, please help me up, if I stumble, please hold me steady.

I'm 6'2", 185 pounds, solidly built and fit, light skinned, of mixed breed; born 9-22-72. I have long, thick, dark hair, brown eyes, a goatee. I enjoy poetry, philanthropies, history, all mythology, sports,...both playing and watching them;  track, etc. etc.,  . I enjoy writing, learning new things, meeting new people, trying new things and experiencing new things with people and/or alone. People of all races, beliefs, genders, sexual orientations, liberties and ages. No discrimination whatsoever, no topic of conversation is off limits. I'm very open minded, strong willed and free spirited, easy and out going, love to laugh and make others laugh & joke, loyal, honorable, faithful, extremely honest. I love to love.
Good friends are hard to come by and soul and spirit matches even harder. All are encouraged and welcomed to write. Androgynous people are welcomed and encouraged, as well.Sincerely and Respectfully submitted,
                          James Dixon


My Home is caked
with silent Heartache.
A place of steel and stone
a tiny cell
this man made hell
and here I sit alone.
While deep in the night
I awake to write.
A Poem......
Explaining my life in the pen.
While listening to lies.
From loud mouth guys
Who brag of where they've been.
I see deceit in most I meet
getting over is their goal
they'll steal you blind
and leave you behind A hate you can't control.
I stay off the dope dope, so I can cope
I keep each man a stranger.
sometimes my knife
must take a life
This world is full of dangers
I can't bring myself to feel
For those I might be forced to kill
to me they're only pests
It's hard you see to just be me
In a world where deaths the test.
I don't scream and yell.
About this Hell.
My throat would just get sore
Tears of pain like cleansing rain
sometimes are on my floor.
Something else is also felt.
in this lonely hear of mind.
and that's the sorrow and pain
of losing family, friends & dames
to a simple thing called time.
So as you gaze upon this maze
of Poetic words and thoughts
let them grind, into your mind
this lesson can't be bought.
Of a world where love is left
outside the gate
And men rot inside
From their own agonizing hate.
So as I close this poem I chose
explaining my life in the pen.
I now must ask a simple task
of you my faithful friend.
If by some man's desire
My eternal life should expire
Make sure no one cry's for me
Just tell my daughter, son
and grandson
I love 'em
and placed no one
Above them
And be glad I'm finally " free."

By: James Dixon
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