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Michael Correll
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Michael Correll #51493
Lewis Complex
P.O. Box 3400
Buckeye, AZ 85326
I'm Michael Correll and i've been in prison since the year 1984 Wow huh?   Yeah I know, that's a seriously long time. My frst 27 years were spent on Death Row after being wrongfully convicted of robbing a drug dealer. Three people were killed and he was wounded,claiming at first that I shot him. It was enough to get me off of death row but not set me free.I'm still struggling to hang on, and fight for freedom whole heartedly.

Over the years my family all passed away and so I thought I'd reach out to the world for some company and moral support if there is any caring out there. Life here can be lonely and difficult, and a bit of sunshine and a friendly word could go along way when this life gets me to feeling down and tired deep inside! Yeah you know that feeling I speak of. It's the one that comes with a real deep sigh and sad little smile, and hope that tomorrow is a better day. We all have those days I'd guess.

Anyway. I hope you follow that feeling that caused you to pause and read this. Send a letter my way and be the difference between a good day and one that's not.I would matter alot. I'm pretty easy going, I love animals, nature, music, I like to read,harley's, I exercise pretty much daily to stay strong in body and mind.( Okay, I'm really just bored and mostly do it for somethig to do ) I love movies and life in general. I hope to hear from anyone at all.
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