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Jonathan  Conley
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Jonathan Conley #166955
B2A-5 / SMU # 1
PO Box 4000
Florence, AZ 85132-4000

Hello, there ladies. How are you doing? As for me, I am a lonely, single, White male named Little Jon. I am 34 years old, bald head, hazel eyes, very polite, kind hearted, 5'4" tall, 185 lbs.; Southern accent and a God/Jesus believer. I enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, working with my hands, playing cards/video/R.P.G. games, chewing tobacco, brewing wine or moonshine, cooking, playing chess and cleaning. I like all music except Opera, Blues and Salsa. I like reading Fantasy or Sci-Fi books. My birthday is August 12th, my favorite color is anything blue. My favorite car is a 2014 Nissan Leaf or the Mitsubishi I. Yes, I am a green freak and dislike gasoline or diesel fuels. I am looking for a female that's single, age range of 21-33, has a kind heart, romantic, clean, non racist, non judgmental and loves kids and wants lots of them and is a Christian. I'd like to have phone calls or visits. My favorite colognes are Aspen, Old English, Brut, Old Spice and Mesmerize from Avon.

I am originally from Ohio where I was born and raised until I was 16 years old, then moved to Southern Kentucky to be close to my Step-Dad's Mom, because of her age. I moved out here to Arizona in '98 and the worst mistake of my life and caught a sex charge that I am NOT guilty of. Lost my Grandmother in ' 03 to a severe brain hemorrhage at the age of 89. I have my Mom, brother and sister as family, because my biological dad's family hates me.

Well, if you're interested please, I pray, write to me. Release date isĀ 08/12/1980
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