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Shamon Clark
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Shamon Clark #227091
285 Shaker Road
Enfield, CT 06083
Hi Ladies, how are you?  I'm a single male from Connecticut.  My purpose for joining CellPals is to hopefully meet a friend, or friends, who I can build with and get to know.      I'm very down to earth and enjoy having a good time.  I'm also a loyal person and hold a badge of honor for trust & loyalty.

In joining a pen pal site, I envision meeting nice, intelligent women from all walks of life and from different regions throughout the country.

I enjoy going out and gambling at Mohegan Sun and Foxwood's Casinos, when I'm back home.  I enjoy attending basketball and football games.  Also, I like going out to nice clubs and restaurants.  Prior to my incarceration I promoted clubs in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

I will get released to a federal halfway house 6 months before my discharge date.  I plan on relocating from CT.  I can go to any state.  I'm considering the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area, but I haven't made up my mind.  If you decide to correspond with me, I would appreciate it if you can give me some insight and information on your hometown.  I'm interested in knowing about jobs in your area, any future economic development plans and the housing & real estate market;  Plus cost of living.

A love connection is not what I'm after, I'm just looking for new friends to pass time with and get to know you better.  If we have much in common, maybe we can write on a more personal note.  Also, I enjoy receiving pictures from the people I'm writing.  You can send me photos of you, nature photos, vacation photos.  I enjoy seeing new things.  I can't make this too long, so if you would like to get to know a good guy, please respond.


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