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Royal Clark
Mailing Address:
Royal Clark #J51100
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin , CA 94974
Here I am!!!


My name is Roy and I am in search of someone who is caring, non-judgmental and who is sincere in wanting to get to know me as a person. I am not looking for any type of a romantic relationship and I just want someone who will come into my world and multiply the joys, divide the sorrow, subtract the past, add tomorrow and look forward to the joys in blossoming a beautiful friendship together.

I am Catholic and I don't consider myself as a religious person, but I am spiritual and I believe in achieving that inner peace and tranquility of the soul. I possess a very fun loving personality, but I also have a serious side to myself as well. I enjoy reading and writing and I love to express myself through words. I love watching, and playing sports and I exercise regularly to keep myself in shape, but just like everyone else, I do have my lazy days. I love poetry and art, and sometimes I spend my free time doing both. I also spend some of my free time watching television and I always enjoy watching a good movie. I basically have a very wide range of interests, so if you decide to come into my world, we would definitely share some type of mutual interests together.

I would also like for you to please send me a photo of yourself, so that I can put a face to my new acquaintance, okay? I also ask you for your patience in receiving a response from me, because we have a very slow incoming mail system here at San Quentin, but once I do hear from you, I will promptly send you a reply without delay.
Royal Clark

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