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Duke Charles
Mailing Address:
Duke Charles #P26700
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974
For too long I have been sitting here wondering where all my friends have gone.  I've come to realize and understand how friendship is really a gift and how being able to share our thoughts, our hearts and ourselves with each other is what helps keep us all human.  I'm done keeping myself hidden, isolated and alone.  I'm finished with just trying to survive and missing out on living and making new friends.  It is time for me to reach out beyond this place of steel and stone.  It's time to see who's willing to be a friend of mine and see what kind of joys and happiness we can find together.

I am a 39 year old Aries.  I was born and raised on Italian food and I've grown into 6', 210 lbs.  On those nights I'm not howling at the moon, I enjoy reading fantasy and horror novels, writing letters and some poetry, listening to Rock music and even a little Italian Opera to take me back home.  I'm also into working out to keep up my strength of body and mind.  A surprising hobby of mine is crocheting.  ( Stop Laughing!!!)  I know it's hard to imagine me with a crochet hook and a ball of yarn, but I'm pretty good and it helps keep me busy and sane in this nut house.:)

Even though I stand I rags, bound in chains, caged like an animal, I will not live in misery.  I will not bend my knee.  I will not be defeated.  Look at me, deep within my eyes, you face a man who walks with honor, speaks with dignity and respect and stands with pride.  A man who is real, who has heart and is looking to share his strength and passion with others.

So, take the next step.  Write this man a letter and give him a chance to show you the gift of being a true friend.
Thank for your time and Respects to all,Duke Charles ( Ragooo)
Touch me
Touch me upon my skin
With your soft, sensual, wondering fingertips
Until my skin dances with pure ecstatic pleasure

Trace me
Trace me out of the colors of your imagination
With your mind full of fantasies that will leave no line undrawn
Until there is no space between where you and I exist

Feel me
Feel me feel you as we feel each other
With our burning skin wrapped around each other touching on ecstasy
Until our bodies mold into one

See me
See me as I stand naked before you
With all my vulnerabilities exposed for you to see
Until you attend to me with all our hidden desires

Hear me
Hear me breathe deep into your soul
With a breath so deep it penetrates you whole being
Until our breath simultaneously becomes singular

Taste me
Taste me full bodies and flavored
With all of passion's seasoned spices
Until your sexual palate is ready to enjoy me

Eat me
Eat me as you would a soft, chocolate covered strawberry
With it's sweet, melting flavor there for you to savour
Until you taste my sweetness on the tip of your tongue

Drink me
Drink me as I drink you
with our mouths swallowing whole
Until we empty each other of bliss' sweet release!!!

Brick upon brick
Buried alive
Under the mountain
If you listen closely
You can hear them cry
Nobody missed them
Out of sight out of mind
Obscurity knows them well
In the belly of the beast
There is darkness
The cold touch of steel
The pale concrete walls
The dim yellow lights
The distant hollow threats
There was nobody left to listen
There was nothing left to say
The quiet came
The walls closed in
A moment of madness
The price to pay
A sleeping giant
Society never looked back
Justice as they say should be
Deaf, Dumb, Blind.
Month after month
Year after year
They don't count the days
They don't feel the pain
In the back of their mind
An eyesore
As the try to rebuild
What once they knew well
Things they took for granted
In the belly of the beast
There is darkness
Brick upon brick
Under the mountain
If you listen closely
You can hear them cry
My pain is most perceived
deep within my heart
the tears I've shed through the years
the anger I've felt from the start.
I cry within the night
but no one seems to hear
the shadows in my cell
hold me close, this I fear.
Why must I feel this pain
the enclosure to my soul
the demons from the past
generations new and old.
I kneel upon my knees
a tear befalls my eye
I feel the condemned's rage and pain
I hurt but cannot cry.
My mind is like the universe
I travel as I speak
I've crossed all the miles
the last one I shall see.
Please hold me close and embrace me with your love
for the burden I carry, as I tarry
I shan't take much more.
My tears are like a river
they shall always set you free
walk a mile within my steps
and kneel down next to me.
Hold my had and look to the heavens
my spirit sours above
spread your wings and open your heart
my journey was long but hard.
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