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 Only the inmate can have the site removed before it expires.  Please don’t allow anyone else to ask us.  We WILL NOT remove it when someone (usually a girlfriend!) emails us or writes us a letter. Your signature is what allows us to put it on the Internet and only your signature will remove it. The letter must come from the prison or we will NOT remove it.   If you are concerned about rivals in the prison removing the ad by writing to us, give us a password.  ( you'd be amazed at how many times this is asked about!!!!)
Please send this page and mail, with payment and materials,  to the PO Box listed above.




When you send in this form please remember to include:

· This Form
· Payment
· The Prisoner's introduction letter (biography)
· Pictures (will be returned). 
Anyone who places a false photo will be removed from the site.
· Any additional instructions to CellPals!


First Name:_____________________

Last Name:_________________________

DOC #________________________

Facility Name:_________________________

Street  Address:_______________________  

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Five-dollar Ad:                           $5.00
Send in an ad that is up to 50 words with a picture and we’ll post the prisoner on the main page of his/her state of incarceration. The prisoner's address does not take away from the 50 word count. This option will not give a personalized website, but will give placement on the state page,  that also includes others who have posted $5.00 ads. * No other options on our price list are available with this ad.

Request for Book/Magazine Donations: $5.00 , please limit requests to 10.  If you do not have a site with us, and still want to try for book/magazine donations, we can build you the $ 5 ad and put the link for the donations on it, include the request in your 50 words on the ad.  With this option, please limit your choices to 5 selections. 

One Week Photo Feature: $4.50 per week (Your name featured on the HOMEPAGE of, with a direct link to the prisoner's website for one week)
❐ **POWERBALL**: $10.00  (Your name featured on the HOMEPAGE of, with a direct link to the prisoner's website for one month
300 additional words: $5.99
1 additional photo/artwork: $2.99
Renewal of ad    $9.99    (changes to biography can be made, when renewing for no additional fee):This fee is for the Starter and Intermediate Packages.
Ad change: $5.99      When one chooses to change the wording of their biography AFTER the initial application has been processed on any of the packages.
Additional ad printouts: $2.99 each
Photo/Art Gallery: $2.99 for each placement. 
Extra States/Countries: $1.00 each (Don’t include your state of incarceration - that’s free!)  When folks visit Cell Pals! They are initially presented with a list of states.  When people click on any given state it will be those names that are on state that they will see.  So, if your name is only on your state of incarceration listing,  then your name will only be seen once.  It is then safe to deduce that the more states that you are listed on;  the probability of your name being clicked on will be dramatically increased. 
Counter - this gives you a count of how many people have viewed your ad! : $3.99
Music Video  $ 10.00        If you choose to change the video at a later time, the charge is $ 5.99.  We like to keep the content fresh.  The videos on the sites are awesome and what better way to let someone get to know you, than by listening to the music you love. 
Copy of site: $2.99  You are sent a copy of the site with your package, this is for when you want an extra copy.  The original copy is sent free with any order.
Poems: $2.00 each  We add a link to our Poetry Corner on your web page, if you want the poem on your page, please tell us.
Glitter Graphics      $5.99 each  includes Layouts, graphics, the Internet is full of ideas that we can put on your page.
Search Engine Submission: $12.95 (Lists you on  hundreds of additional sites other than
Email Campaign: $7.95   (Your ad is delivered to the inbox of free world people who are on our mailing list! On packages that include the Email Campaign, we promote your site on Facebook,, myspace, etc.  )
Email Service: Included in the Complete Package for the Lifetime of the package. 

Copy Services:     Photos**4x6  only.... $ . 75  X _____________  We do not make copies of magazine photos.  We NO LONGER accept stamps to  pay for photo copies.

Sports Logos:  $1.99 per logo  We will insert your favorite team’s logo into your site, any team, any size.
Name Accents:     How the prisoner's name will appear on our state and country listings!
Bold: $1.00
❐ Enlarged: $1.00
Italicized: $1.00
❐ Color $1.00 Pick one: RedGreenBluePurple ❐  etc...._______________
Smiley Face Graphic: $2.00  On the state listing by your name, to attract attention. We search through clip art on the Internet and try to find one that we think symbolizes your personality. r u sad or glad, or grouchy or sweet?      ❐ Heart Graphic: $2.00    Are you a romantic?
Arrow Graphic: $2.00   There are many different sizes and shapes of arrows to choose from on the Internet.

CellPals! Complete Package: $50.00  ( for the life of your sentence) You never have to renew.  Any changes or additions after the original ad goes online will be charged at the rate listed in the extras.
Includes: 300 word biography, Power Ball x 1 (1 months homepage placement!), I Counter, 2 Pictures, I Photo or Art Gallery, 5 Additional state/country placement (excludes your state of incarceration; ­that's free!) 1 copy of site, Book/Magazine Request, Email Service, (for life of packet).Email Campaign, Thumbnail photo on state page  “Glitter Graphics"  X 2,  Add a Tune Video, “ , 1 sports logo.   Two photo copies of your choice.  We promote the Complete Package on and Facebook. We do not maintain a Facebook page for the inmate. 

❐CellPals! Intermediate Package : $19.95
Includes: I Year Registration, 300 word biography, 1 picture or artwork, I copy of site, two weeks Power Ball., thumbnail photo on state pages, 1 counter, 1 sports logo.

CellPals! Starter Package:        $15.00
300 word biography, 1 year registration, 1 picture or artwork, 1 copy of site, "thumbnail photo" on state page, by name.  Give us an idea of "who" you are, what you like, your favorite color.

*We reserve the right to alter all ads for typos and/or inappropriate content.  If you want the ad written EXACTLY as written, please tell us, or we will fix the content.  By this we don't mean we will go ahead and put in the inappropriate content.  We mean the spelling.  If you write as you talk and want to convey that message, we will write it like you want it.

Total from both panels enclosed:

               $ _______________