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Rick Brush # 17333-075
306 Cottrrell Ridge Road
Dover, TN 37058-5149




National Geographic Traveler


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     Surf's Up!  Awesome!!  and that just about sums up my M. cruising around, looking for action 24/7 !  Sports, Travel, The Seven Seas, The Great Outdoors....all exciting themes I find sooooo stimulating.  Couch potatoes would obviously not enjoy the high tempo activities I seek out from Dawn to Dawn. 

     My early years as a military brat instilled me with the desire to explore and enjoy new and exciting horizons.  My daily routine might even horrify the hard working hummingbird, but a healthy diet and a fistful of vitamins -- combined with a TON of motivation--- seems to keep me afloat.  My goals really stimulate my overall psyche.  Take for instance, a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail  (AT), which begins at Springer Mountain the Peach Tree State of Georgia and ends 2175 miles and six months later atop Mt. Katadin, in the Northernmost State of Maine.  In this regard, I would be too excited to offer my companionship to a spirited, lady trail blazer to share the 1,000 or more adventures which also will be videotaped and digitally photographed for book and movie rights upon completion of this epic adventure. 

     The AT Challenge continues to be eagerly researched to ensure nothing but the latest ultra light, high tech equipment will be utilized.  This endeavor will pretty much guarantee the most enjoyable trek each step of the way.  Other near term goals include exploring the National Parks;  climbing Mt. Whitney (15, 505 ft) in California and Mt. Kilimanjaro (19, 500 ft) in Tanzania, Africa. 

     Long term goals include a circumnavigation of the globe aboard Flashy Dolphin, a high tech, blue water catamaran.  My extensive open ocean navigation and boat handling experience will make this adventure particularly memorable.  I'm now mustering up a crew for this mind-boggling journey.  No experience??...No problem, but all candidates MUST be in excellent physical condition and good health, since it could be a loooonnnngggg trip to get to the Doc's Office!!!

     Other Odds and Ends:  Lifeguard, Triathlete, HS Grad, Pilot, 5' 7 ", Med Build, Blue Eyes & 30 something years


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states= CA, FL, NV, OR, NY, Thailand, France, Germany, Russia, China.....

03-01-09  address correction

removed temporarily by reques tof inmate

07-08-10 reinstated....gave new complete Lifetime PB ex. 08-08-10