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Greetings to those whose eyes grace my introduction. Legally, my name is Ian, however; my friends and loved ones know me as "EL Jay". I'm a 36 year old Mareno-Black-Latino Hybrid, who stands six foot, weighs 215 pounds or 96.75 Kilograms. I'm well read, quick witted, with a keen business mind and ambition to accomplish certain goals, that while are difficult, are not impossible from behind prison walls. Some of my hobbies and hustles include maintaining my health, drawing, creative writing and cutting/braiding hair. For those of you into Astrology, I'm a Cancer, born the year of the Horse. I am spiritually grounded in a Afro - Caribbean tradition known as Santeria. I'm seeking friendship, possibly companionship and even some business minded associates.
Now as for my Fall From Grace;

It's a complex and embarrassing story, one in which I'll save you all it's details. But, to save us all some time, however, I'm basically serving a Life Sentence, with an ill gotten label as a sex offender. After losing at trial, accused                                                       of being a part of what was called a " Gang Rape". So, for those of you who would look me up, as some sole determining factor as to my value, despite how the charges may appear, I'm neither a serial rapist, nor am I a child molester. It was an isolated incident. One in which my biggest mistake was my ill choices in those who I associated with at that time. I had failed to use my common sense, at the time, due to my life style, in which had desensitized me to certain morally, risky behavior.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  Now, for those of you who believe in the condition of the Human soul; try to imagine just so fast, having you yourself been deprived of any form of intimacy or meaningful relationship for the past decade. Then try to understand that while solitude can often be a positive and renewing experience, that loneliness is always a negative and destructive one. Now, with this in mind, I've come to discover certain principle truths. That's while I am physically incarcerated, my mind and soul are not. However, this may not be the case for some on you out in the " Free World". It's an interesting paradox to consider, isn't it? It would seem a shame then, to allow any such set standards as Race, Weight, ( Reasonable) age or social status to remain a wedge between two worthy souls. Especially when each complements the other and hold a key in resource to the other's freedom [physical or spiritual evolution!]

What I'm looking for in friends are those who first understand that things aren't always what they appear or have been made to look like. Who'll look beyond the stigma of my Ill Label and judge me solely on how I interact or treat them, as opposed to the propaganda of that Ill Label. And, finally, those who are patient and will forgive the serious and sobering nature of this intro.

It's my sincerest hope, that by barring my soul in this way, in attempts to reestablish my " Value as a Man", that it's not misconstrued to suggest that I have nothing of value to offer. Because Real - Talk, the value of a man can only truly be measured by the number of loved ones in one's life.
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