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Brian Bellinger
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Dear Stranger,
I'm given 200 words to interest you, so I pray that "I'll succeed.  It's such a short time to paint an accurate picture , but one I gladly accept.  And, hopefully once I've written the last word, I will have sparked your curiosity into wanting to pick up your pen and write.  I'm only a letter away and with that I'll introduce myself.
Hey, my name is Brian.  I'm a writer who's in my early 30's with interest of all sorts.  Mainly studying and working out things of that nature.  However my number one of all is my writing.  I'm obsessed with becoming a first rate novelist, so likewise I labor endlessly almost to the point of no control  However this shouldn't be a cause of concern.  I truly am a decent person who's simply searching for someone to converse with.  Nothing more, nothing less.  People of that nature are highly lacking in my current state.  That's why I'm branching out.
So, on that not, I'll end.  Thank you for the time given to enter your world.  I can only hope I'm allowed to again.  That decision lies with you.
Brian Bellinger


Everyone has a different opinion of what a friend is
Mine is someone who will be until the end
One who will listen when you just need to talk
Or stroll with you if you just need to take a walk
Be down with you through the constant ups and downs of life
Still be standing at the end of every fight
What is the true meaning of a friend, some would like to know?
If you have to ask you never experienced a Real One Before


Life is so Precious so I hear
At times it makes you want to shed tears
Whether their tears of joy or Distress depends on the situation
Fazes, mazes, circumstances and places
Never knowing what to expect with every changing moment
When we see something beautiful we have a tendency to jump on it
No matter what we may confront in this very short life
Make sure you have no serious regrettes when it's time to say goodbye

I miss you more than words could
The pain that passes through my heart
When I see you walk away
Day by day passes with you constantly on my mind
Watching time slowly tick away wishing you were
By my side
Through all the struggles we will face in this world
Always remember you are my flawless pearl
Through happy times, pain, and death
Even the day I take my last breath
Always remember one thing
You are my sunshine, storm and rain

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