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Clay Bear
Mailing Address:
Clay Bear #62431
Ely State Prison
P.O. Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301
Dear Loving Friend/Potential Pen Pal,CLICK HERE FOR CLAY BEAR ART GALLERY

Hi  there.  I would first like to begin this initial message to kindly greet you with tender earnest respect, love and care.  I sincerely hope you're doing fine, and above all are in a good mood this day.  "Thank you" for your excellent choice in selecting my personal website.  It is utmost appreciated.  Furthermore, an honor just to share this exceptional time with "YOU".  I further hope you will enjoy the music I made available for you.

If you could "please" spare several minutes of your precious time just to hear me out, I'd be very grateful. I only hope and wish upon every falling star, that through this one genuine opportunity,... I may have the chance to come to know you on more suitable terms, "if only you will permit me".

Allow me to properly introduce myself, and to further open up to you more sufficiently. My name is Clay Bear;   Simple, yet unique;  Just as I am in character.

It makes no bit of difference to me where you live, or how you were raised. I express a purely genuine desirable interest in sharing a unique mutual friendship. To build a bridge between your world and mine. With hope of forming an enduring bond, and to share in the light of a loving  friendship, and understanding.  My intentions are purely innocent. All that I am really expecting is a good positive outcome with someone who shares similar interest.

I have never been married.  And rather or not you may have makes no difference to me.  I do, from a spiritual perspective, believe in God;  however, it isn't a necessary requirement, I personally seek,  for you to write or email me.  I'm not one to judge what it is you choose to believe in or how you live your life.  The value of my friendship is based on mutual respect and understanding.

Naturally of course, I'm by every means a 100% heterosexual male as "straight" as an arrow can be.  Ain't no "Fruit Loops" in this package of Honey - Nut cheerios Cereal.   Just your good ol' golden brown sweetness. Packed with all the goods.

I am a 3/4 Native American ethnic nationality of the "Navajo and Iroquois" nations, followed by 1/4 European descent.  Originally I was born and raised in the West Coast Southern part of the U. S., within the  City of angels" / Los Angeles, California.  My birthday is October 21, 1973.

Eventually I had relocated from Southern California to bask under the scorching hot northern Arizona sun.  And came to Las Vegas, NV where of course I became a resident for the Nevada Department of Corrections.  Not the sort of vacation I dreamed of.  Aside to that, I enjoy traveling and despite the temporary set back, it remains a goal of mine to one day stretch my wings and have the opportunity to travel various places around our world.  I'm intrigued by various cultures and historical sites, as well as just admiring nature's own beauty.

By no means am I a complicated person.  To a vast extent I'm without any doubt completely honest, supportive, understanding, open minded, a very good listener, and easy to conversate with.  Nor am I conceited.    I'm not the type of guy who is "all about himself". From my prospective, I'm far from that. Rather, at this particular point in time, I'm just all by my lonesome self, hoping you can shed some light on me to brighten my gloomy world.

There's no need to feel the least intimidated by where I am.  It just seems "Good ol' HOLLYWOOD prison movies "send out the wrong message, and often over dramatize motion picture scenes to depict "inmates" as being a "ruthless" herd.  Not everyone is the same in nature.   I'm certainly not in prison for harming a human being.  Let alone being some shady individual.  I just got caught up in some drama, and now I'm paying my debt to society and have long since learned the significance of my past mistake.    I can't change the past as much as I wish I could.  That is like yesterdays newspaper.  Yet with the time I have, I can certainly strive whole heartedly to make a difference.

I certainly don't play head games with peopl's feelings.  And assure "YOU" I will most definitely respect your feelings as a person.  Words and Actions are but of course TWO different things.  Unless ' YOU" take the time to truly know me...How else am I able to show you my " ACTIONS" do speak "LOUDER" than mere words?  sometimes you just gotta take a chance.

I'm not asking for "handouts".  I'm simply asking "YOU" for a "hand up" no more or any less then I am willing to do for you.  No strings attached, sweetie.  I'm a "team player" willing to work with you, not against you.

The nature of my misconduct is based entirely on a " Armed Robbery" incident, which occurred in September 1998.  I eventually was convicted by the outcome of a jury trial .  To this segment alone, ( Bobby Fuller Four) couldn't have said it better in his one hit wonder son;  " I FOUGHT THE LAW....AND THE LAW WON."   On the light of things ( NOBODY)  was ever physically harmed or hurt in connection to this robbery incident.

I'm a detailed ARTIST, and TATTOOIST expressing a profound passion for art.  I been an artist since the age of 17.  I love drawing, painting, and sharing the artistic imagination of it's profound beauty.  Specializing in a variety of mediums consisting of; pencil, ink, acrylic paints, and colored pencils, and watercolors.  My interest in art expands from drawing portraits, wild life, cultural relations, famous people, murals, Low Rider Art, cartoons, religion,  fantasy, and much more.  It's merely the tip of the iceberg of what I'm capable of portraying.  All displayed art are by yours truly.  Most of which is mixed media (online art gallery available).  I love working with colors.  I have an eye for detail and have the ability to draw pretty much anything I see.

Furthermore, art are of genuine originals, and expressed "ONLY" as a form of the artist's imagination, for the sole purpose of showing various artistic capability's and styles.  None is intended to offend viewers.  Please feel free to check out my art pages.

I'm also indulged with poetry.  Poetry is another way, aside from art of how I generally express myself.  A poem I wrote called; "The Shield of Unity", has been published in a (2006) poetry book titled; "Twilight Musing".  I have made accomplishments in prison.  I've also had the honor of having my art displayed within a museum in Buffalo, N.Y.  (Smoking Joe's Indian Museum).  Among other artistic achievements.   I enjoy even cooking occasionally for friends and having outdoor BBQ cookouts.  I love cooking.  Which consisted of my former occupation.  And I don't mean Mc Donald's.  (No offense).  I was formally employed as a certified cook at a family owned restaurant.  I've always enjoyed cooking and feel confident about it.

Writing, drawing, painting, tattooing and cooking ARE NOT the only things I am talented of doing with my hands.  Among other things which consist of my dexterity, you can say I'm a pretty good "handy-man".  (Made in America).   I am creative and certainly like to do things.  All to which I don't need to fabricate.   I'm capable of taking well care of myself, and can certainly be an angel looking over your shoulder, sweetie.

Things I enjoy relate to;  writing, drawing, painting, being sociable, making friends laugh, going places, having fun, being happy, being creative, shopping, sharing experiences, watching movies, listening to music, cooking a lip smacking good meal, and reading knowledgeable books.  I'm adventurous and enjoy extreme sports such as;  sky diving and bungee jumping.  I'm definitely not a careless person.  Just someone who generally likes to have fun and do things.

I like to learn of new things.  Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two.  Or we could learn of interesting things from one another.   I'm one who can truly appreciate knowledge.  I do read a lot on my spare time and expand my mind to view life in a positive way from various prospectives.

I enjoy a wide range of music from Metallica, Nirvana, Ozzy, Korn, Doors, Pink Floyd, Reggae (Bob Marley), UB40,  Classic Rock,  Alternative (Linkin Park, Nickle Back, Avril Lavinge, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., 3 Doors Down, Creed, U2, Santana, Enigma)  Oldies,  various Rap;  and I like various  Retro 80's/90" music from a variety of artists.  Various R & B, and slow jams.  Things which go with the rhythm of my heart (B-BOOM) It's all good.  I'm no hater, just a participator.

My favorite classic movies are "La Bamba" , "SCARFACE", and "Bruce Lee" flicks.  There is absolutely no connection to my life style regarding my likes to these movies.  I enjoy a wide variety of flicks, but ya know,...everyone has their favorites.   In fact I may like some things you like.   Despite where I am, keep in mind I am a person too.  There are things I like, and things I miss.  Things as well that only someone like you can fill my heart with.   As they say, " You don't know what you got till it's gone" - (Poof).  Only then does one begin to realize the true value of things.

Also, I have a fear of swimming in deep waters where the bottom isn't visible.  It's too creepy!  I do love when it rains and the ocean scenery though.  It's great and peaceful.  I have much appreciation for the outdoors.  And will of course overcome my fear of deep waters.  I just hate to imagine what's lurking beneath there.  If something brushed up against me, I'll be outta there faster then Superman can fly.  (Hasta La Vista).  I hope by now I at least brought forth a pretty smile upon your face.

I'm cool with kids and have admiration towards them.  I was raised in family with brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews.  I was looked up to as, "the cool uncle".  I understand, accept, and respect the importance of all family values.    I am; honest, caring, patient, faithful, supportive, fun, loving, outgoing, reliable, trustworthy, considerate, forgiving, appreciative, responsible, talented, creative, confident, humorous, and more generally of a giving/helpful person with a immense solid heart.  You can count on me to stay in your corner through the good times and bad.  I'll ride it out with you till the wheels fall off, and will show my support and unconditional loyalty as a true friend to the very end.  I'll stick with you like "peanut butter and jelly."   In a good sweet kind of way.

I'd very much like this opportunity at hand to come to know you, and understand you as the beautiful woman you are.  Vice Versa, that you'll have the time to come to know me better.  To see me for the man I am.

Please feel free to ask me "ANYTHING" your precious heart desires.  Don't feel limited!  I'm not threatened by any number of questions you ask.  You have the green light to bring it on.  It's all good!  I have nothing to hide and everything within to share.   I am content with who I am without the drama of portraying someone I'm not.

Your loving company makes every bit of difference to me.  Like a child happily hearing a bedtime story, so can your loving company certainly change the outcome of my days in here.  Just as well I am certainly capable to do the same for you.

If you see a friendship surfacing here then please don't remain a distant stranger.  It's your turn to let yourself be known.  My (mug shots) photos on website are of course recent.   All that is missing from photos is a smile, which you alone have the ability to bring upon my face with your company.  That alone would make me wanna jump up and hollar like TARZAN.   And have me doing back - flips like a chimpanzee.

I'm 6'1 in height (reasonably tall), a non - smoker, weight approx., 215 lbs., medium build , a shaved head,  have a light complexion, light brown colored eyes (resembling the color of honey).  I'm "Perfectly Healthy", and have one dimple on my right facial cheek.

I do have a variety of tattoos, which I faithfully repusent as an artist, and tattooist.  It's just my style, which depicts the story of my fabulous life of historic moments.  Hopefully you can look past the ink (tattoos) and see me for who I really am and where it counts the most, from within my .

My mailing address is defiantly current.  And yes, I do welcome e mails for your convenience.   You may confide in me.  I'll have my ears perked up and will gladly hear you out.  So please feel free to drop me a line or two.  My friendship is free, and the door will remain open for you.  I respectfully ask that you please include your lovely name, age, nationality, a description or photo (No Polaroid's allowed) and your questions, interest, and your mailing address.  We will go from there.

I wish to share more with you in the near future, and do look forward to hearing from you very soon.  Thank you very much for your precious time.   I will conclude here now with the same respects I initially begun with.  Take good care!  Keep your head up and know that you have someone here who cares.  It's time I kick rocks here and be on my way.  Until I hear from you, ...many blessings to you and yours.   Walk in beauty.  It is my hope through friendship you will allow me to walk with you. Write me.

Most Respectfully,  A True Cellpal
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