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Cesar Barron # K 01502
Shu C2-209
PO Box 7500
Pelican Bay State Prison
Crescent City, CA 95532









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         He is interested in all books..the prison will not allow him to have used books.


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Hey Ladies!  Hello There !!!  Are you looking for someone to talk to, that will listen?....I might be that person!!!!!

      My name is Cesar Barron and I have been incarcerated since I was 18 years old, so I guess I never got the full chance of experience of being in a true relationship...But, I have grown to be a very understanding man and a good listener.  I am an open minded, straight forward and honest man, with a good sense of humor, looking for an understanding woman to correspond with and hopefully help me take my thoughts beyond these walls that surround me....could you be that woman! ?

     I still have some time to go, so I'm willing to work towards something meaningful or hopefully, a very nice lasting friendship!  I'm hoping to find that right woman that might help me grow and/or understand the full extent of a relationship....or that could just tell me about life out there beyond these walls and give my visions the descriptions needed to understand life out there!  I'm into learning all about that life, that I have missed out on.....and, I have varied interests also ( I got nothing but time, to find interest in anything ).  I just enjoy reading and writing and it makes it so much more joyful when sharing my time & interests with someone!!!

     So, if you also enjoy reading & writing, with some time on your hands and a smile in your heart, give me a chance.  I would love to meet you!  Nationality and/or looks are unimportant!!!  All letters will be answered and hopefully, we can get to know each other....Do you have a few more moments for me....write me? !  Tell me all about you, your likes & dislikes, your interests....and ask me anything!!!  



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01-23-2010 Power Plan , no address wrote to sender for address.  Will finish when received. 

$60.00 money order...states = OR,NV,AZ,TX,FL and Spain, France and expires 02-15-2012

PB expires 03-15-2010

07-20-10 Lifeline, front page for one month.