"Don't Go"  

  Music by: Christo Balistrieri-Warren











Christo Balistieri-Warren # 370326
Waupun Correctional Institution
PO box 351
Waupun, WI 53963


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Chorus X 2

Every time you go away ( every time you go girl)
You take a piece of me with you ( don't go away baby)

Verse 1
Can't stand the thought of you being with someone else why you going
detoured down the road we paved together without even knowing
that you're diggin on my conscience it's nonsense and it's showing
Flowers that will never blossom out toss em' they never growing
Bombs explodin gold rings errodin verbal assassin reloadin
anything you say is corrodin, rub it in my face like I told ya
No relationships in our culture, no love only torture
Lies and deceit chains on my feet please Lord this can't be over
Never got a note or a phone call, loathin in lone walls
Rip em off in torn pieces heart adhesived with crow bars
Screamin by foreign cars, dreams of a lost cause
As if every time I try to get with you there's a large cost
But every time you go away I only want you back
Cuz you take a piece of me with you and I can't go thru that
So if you can't take all of me at once then just let me know
I'll stand up on my two feet walk out the door before ya go...
     ( Don't go)

Chorus X 2

Verse 2

Legs are cut off at my knees with you and I can't walk
Tongue stuck deep down in the back of my throat and I can't talk
Every time I think of you it's in the pitch black dark
High pitched tones sung as the heralds angels hark
Tarot cards revealin the spark that I seen in ya eyes
Reach for the skies take it off so there's no more disguise
Flow for the prize what's the price, some just try to get by
Scrutinize had three tries yet ya still fed me true lies
Cuttin away pieces daily from this know that unties
Not a surprise cut something deep enough and it dies
Creepin up from the inside like the bile from ya stomach
Strong enough to burn your esophagus no stoppin the plummet
So I'm droppin this subject only to blow on these nuggets
But I can't let you go away without at least saying something
Release me or dump it, stay away or stop stealing pieces
Of me overtime you go away my hearts still beaten...( Don't Go)

Chorus X 2

Verse 3
Bleeding slowly surely fading in and out now I'm dying
Feel like I just threw in the towel ain't no point to tryin
Put on a bandage stop the rushin but another wound open's
And no stitches can heal it now the bandage is soakin
Bandit red and it's drippin, yet my heart is still in it
Regrets from the start guess that means our start was the finish
But no feelings diminish, every time that you vanish
Pain comes every time you go away and I start to panic
Why ya turn ya back when I'm talking, listen stop mockin
Not even yellin why don't you understand and stop walkin
Out ya hearin me crawlin callin beggin for forgiveness
Don't realize how many times I just wanna say forget this
Why does God permit us to ultimately turn traitor
When later on we can't stand alone and it laughs in our faces
Paths we've been pavin, for ya touch I keep on cravin ya cries
Every time I reach for ya essence ya hands wavin good-bye...
         ( Don't go)

Chorus X 4


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Music by Chris Warren ..." Don't Gos" 12-27-10