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Robert Bailey
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Robert Bailey #600469
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My name is Robert Bailey. I am a Pisces. I was born on 02-28-67. I have brown hair, light blue eyes and I am fair skinned. I weight about 175 lbs. Whatever your gender, political affiliation (or lack of one), religion, belief ( again ... or lack of one), you are a human being with something lacking in your life. That lack draws you to the Internet with someone else who may be able to fill the void, whether the void can be filled with a friend, love, or a fresh perspective on mundane events, it is there. That is a part of what makes you human.

I (being human) have that same void, I am trying to fill. It compelled me to write this ad. For more detailed description of who I am, write me.

If you can help me with donations to assist in college courses, I would be very grateful. Thanks for your consideration.

   Potentially Your,
                                                     Robert James Bailey

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