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Hello from Texas, ( the Lone Star State).
I ain't done nothing like this before, so please bear with me! My name is Jimmy, but everyone calls me James, or my fav., "TAZ". Long crazy story!!!! Well, guess I'll bore ya with more about me! Just turned the Big 8 * 0 * (LOL) Just kidding, just turned 34 in January). I feel like 80 though!!! I'm bout 6' 3 1/2 " tall, bout 189 lbs; dark brown hair and baby blues!

I've been locked up since Sept 28th 2002, for a crime I just did not commit. Yess, yes, I know they all say that right? Well, in my case I truly am innocent! If your write and want to know the specifics, just let me know. No, I'm certainly no choir boy angel, ( very far from it), but this I just did not do!

Well, although I'm a Texan and soul, and was raised my whole life on a 989 acre N. Central Texas horse farm, I was actually born in SW Oklahoma! And, yes, if it's not obvious yet, I'm bout as Country Boy as you'll ever find. ( and soul)

Due to a real moral, Christian upbringing, I have the highest respect for women, God, my elders, my Mom, etc.... (I'm what you'd call a Mama's boy, 4 * Realz)

OK, as far what kin of person I am ( thru & thru), I'll tell ya. Anyone who's ever known me would tell ya I'm just an average, down to earth, easygoing, life of the party, sometimes hell raiser, ( well, sometimes!), Evel Knievil dare devil....( I'm serious, if it's dangerous, I've probably done it or it's on the top 4 of my crazy 2 do list!) Big time Southern gentleman, who loves life, having a good time, & who can make anyone laugh ( even if @ my own expense) and just a really damn good guy! They'd also tell ya I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, ( course I hide it and will deny it 2 the end).

Ok.....hobbies, God, where 2 start? Well, my true love is music, I guess! Besides writing & singing my own lyrics & having been in about a zillion small town country, Southern Rock bands, I also play guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard & piano! As far as what I listen to? My # 1 favorite is Classic Country # 2...New Country, Classic Rock & New Rock & lastly Top 40 & R & B. But, really I'll listen to whatever!

There's a lot of stuff bad I've done, but there's 3 things I aint, nor will I ever do! # 1.....beat a woman or child....@ 2 mistreat a woman or child....# 3...cheat on a woman! ( and I'm very passionate hearted about those 3 things and want to jump guys who do!)

OK, as for what I'm looking for, well for now....just friends! I just go through a bad divorce after 12 years of marriage! So, just friends for now although maybe more, on down the road, if the right woman comes along! Now, you must know it doesn't matter to me about age/race/looks/weight, etc., but what does is total honesty, personality and just being yourself! So maybe we have tons in common or maybe not, but either way if I sound like a country boy you'd like to get to know better, then hit me up, drop me a few lines and let's meet. I'll answer all letters received.

Hope to hear from you SOON.

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