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We accept Institutional checks, personal checks and money orders from you, family members & friends, for any of your purchases.  Your family can pay by credit card with Paypal, using support@cellpals.com. We also accept US Postage stamps from the inmates. We accept singles of any denomination but please make sure we can get the backs off of them or they are useless. 1 (855) PEN-PALS (736-7257)

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Price List - Please check all that apply to your order

If you want your ad printed exactly as written, you must tell us or we will let spellchecker correct it.


Check the items below to choose your site design. You may add additional items from the extras to your package in order to create a unique site that best fits how you want your new web page on http://www.cellpals.com to appear.

  • Complete Package: $50.00 - You never have to renew for the term of your incarceration. Any changes or additions after the original ad goes online will be charged at the rate listed in the Extras below. Includes 300 word bio, one (1) month on the homepage, visitor counter, two (2) photos or personal drawings on your web page, one (1) personal Photo Gallery or Art Gallery, five (5) additional state/country placements (excludes your home state, that's free!), one copy of site, Book/Magazine Request List (if you can receive books from Amazon), Email Campaign. a thumbnail photo link on your state's main page, one sports logo and two photo copies (you provide copies or one extra photo). Also includes Two "Glitter Graphics" (everyday objects or your name if you'd like) and a "Add a Tune" video. You may add more videos or photos charged at the price in the extras. We promote the Complete Package on Twitter and Facebook., however, we cannot maintain a Facebook or other social page for inmates.
  • Intermediate Package:  $19.95 - Includes one year registration, 300 word biography, one photo or artwork, one copy of the site, two weeks on the front page, thumbnail photo on state, one counter and one sports logo of your choice.
  • Starter Package: $15.00 - Includes 300 word biography, one year registration, one photo or artwork, one copy of site, a thumbnail photo on state page by name and one counter. Give us an idea of "who" you are, what you like, your favorite color, etc.
  • Five Dollar Ad: $5.00 - Send in a bio that is up to 50 words with a picture and we'll post the prisoner on the main page of his/her state of incarceration. The prisoner's address does not take away from the 50 word count. This option will not give a personalized website, but will give placement on the state of incarceration. This ad is for one year and includes a counter.

Submitted photos MUST be family friendly or they will not be used


  • Video Games $10.00 each - With today's technology, we can add a video game for your viewer to play. Tell us the name of the game and if it's free we will add it to your site, for the above price. If you really want it and there is a charge for it, you can pay us and we will purchase it for your page.
  • Additional Music Video $10.00 each - You can have multiple videos on your page.
  • One Week Photo Feature $4.50 per week - Your name and photo featured on the HOMEPAGE and various other pages throughout cellpals.com, with a direct link to the prisoner's main profile for one week.
  • POWERBALL $5.00 - Your picture featured on the HOMEPAGE and various other pages throughout cellpals.com, with a direct link to the prisoner's main profile for one month.
  • 300 Additional Words $4.99    1 Animated/Sports Graphic $1.00 Specify Team or Object: ___________________________________
  • 2 Glitter Graphics $1.00 (everyday objects based on your profile)       Glitter Name $1.00 (your name in glittering text)
  • 1 Additional photo/artwork $1.99 (to add 3 or more photos, use the next option instead)
  • Photo/Art Gallery $2.99 - Per gallery for up 3 photos per order (3x $2.99 = 9 photos or artwork in your gallery). No Limit!
  • Renewal of Ad $9.99 - This is a one year renewal. Changes to biography can be made for no additional fee.
  • Ad Change $5.99 - When one wants to change their biography AFTER the initial application has been processed.
  • Additional Ad Printouts $2.99 each
  • Extra States/Countries $1.00 each - (Don't include your state of incarceration - that's free!) When folks visit CellPals! they are initially presented with a list of states. When people click on any given state, it will be the names and/or photos that are on that state's page that they will see; if your name is only on your state's listing, your name will only be seen once so the more states that you are listed on, the higher the probability of your name or photo being clicked on.

Personal note to every inmate that gets this form. Thank you for your interest in CellPals. We want for you to be satisfied. A huge amount of our advertising is entirely by word of mouth throughout prisons in America.  We are a small, family owned and operated organization.

Try to provide a picture, even a self portrait. If you simply don't have one, tell us and we'll post your intake photo if one is available. Try to describe yourself the way you see yourself and let us know some of your favorite colors, music, etc., so we can personalize your page. Any photos, artwork or other submitted items will be returned as long as they are acceptable to the facility.

It's impossible to guarantee that someone will write in response to any individual's ad. If CellPals sends you an email or you get mail, you can trust that it's a genuine response to you, not from someone at CellPals. There are now many very good sites to choose from. Look us all over and if you choose CellPals, we'll do everything we can think of to get you pen pals. But to reiterate, no one can promise results and any site that does is being deceptive unless they write you themselves! We would rather not have you as a customer than have you disappointed and thinking/saying negative things about CellPals. Please trust that we will do what we say we will do.
Each ad we build is personal. We offer everything that can be put on an ad.

Name:  ______________________________________________________________________           ID#: ________________________________________

Correctional Facility: ______________________________________________________           PO Box: _________________________________


Street Address: _____________________________________________________________          Cell/Bed/Block: _________________________


City ______________________________________________________________________  State __________________________________  ZIP Code _________________

Date Of Birth: __________________________________________________________

Descriptive Details For Your Profile and Extras:
(these are not required but can help develop a style for your page or site)

Favorite Sports Team: __________________________________________       Favorite Animal/Pet: ______________________________________________


Favorite Book: __________________________________________________        Hometown: _________________________________________________________


Favorite Food: __________________________________________________        Favorite Song/Artist: ____________________________________________


Other States to Place Profile (if selected) : _______________________________________________________________________________________________


Proudest Moment/Accomplishment: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Favorite Place To Visit/Vacation: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Your signature below signifies that you are the person described in this application, or have the permission of the person described to submit this information on their behalf; you are granting CellPals permission to use this information to perform services intended to produce meaningful correspondence.   By using CellPals YOU agree to hold CellPals, its owner, and employees harmless from all costs, damages, liabilities, and attorney fees resulting from your use and the potential results of this service. In no event will CellPals be responsible for any accidental, consequential, exemplary, or other damages arising from or relating to the use of this service. CellPals urges you to use caution with any interpersonal services on the internet. CellPals reserves the right to refuse service or remove any information from it's services anytime for any reason deemed appropriate by CellPals management. Abuse will not be tolerated. All pages are, and will remain, the property of CellPals. CellPals DOES NOT give permission for the media to obtain any names or personal information from it's website. Any media or person who uses anything listed on this service without written permission from the person who's name is being used will be held liable to the fullest extent of the law.

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