Kevin Allen 49


Kevin Allen
Mailing Address:
Kevin Allen #E24908
CSP-3B 05 #250
PO Box 3466
Corcoran, CA 93212
What's up people? Kevin here. Thought I'd put myself on the Internet in hopes of finding somebody who would like to come visit me. also, I'm looking for pen pals.     I'm a pretty simple man and enjoy the simple things life has to offer. I enjoy writing and hope to find someone who loves to write as well.

My hobbies are reading and writing. In prison that is! Out in the free world I enjoy the outdoors; barbeques - camping - bike riding - walking my dog. I love dating and going out to have fun, although I've not done so in a super long time. Going for rides at night on my bike and tearing the street up. Smoke out!!!!

I'm looking for someone who wants a for real friend who'll shoot from the hip. Who'll not judge me and I them. Someone who wants to get to know a outlaw, who's hung up his guns and just wants to be someone's special friend.

I used to be a welder/lumber jack and love landscaping and working with my hands. I'm six and 1/2 foot and 265 pounds, with brown eyes and hair. I have a whip style mustache. I'm blasted with tats; my arms - back - chest. I'm white and 43 years old.

Anyhow, if you want a down to earth acquaintance , shoot me a line. If you want to meet a brutally handsome man, come visit me. I'm better at talking face to face. I'm not racist, so I welcome any for real human being who wants to take a chance and meet someone in prison, who's a cool dude. I'm doing a bunch of time for X Felony in possession of firearms.

I've run out of space! Take care and I hope to hear from someone soon. Stay positive, stay strong all day long.

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